What are metro mayors and combined authorities?

18 Dec 2020

In 2021, several regions across the UK will elect metro mayors. Find out how metro mayors came about, what a combined authority is and the powers metro mayors have in your region.

Guide to meeting with your mayoral candidates

11 Jan 2021

We want groups to get involved in meeting with, and securing commitments from, mayoral candidates as they prepare for the May 2021 elections. Discover how to lobby your mayoral candidates.

How to welcome new members to your group

17 Nov 2020

How do you make sure newcomers to your group come back? Read our ideas on creating a welcoming environment and growing your group – they may well come in handy in your workplace too.

Building local alliances

12 Oct 2020

In this guide we'll explain how to find potential allies to work with on your campaigns, and tips and tools for how to go about building those relationships. Our campaigning will be stronger and more impactful the more we collaborate. Big wins come when diverse groups of people come together to build power.

Race and climate reading list

12 Oct 2020

How do race and climate interlink? Why should racial equality be at the heart of the climate movement? If you're struggling to answer these questions, or you'd simply like to learn more about justice issues, then this reading list is for you.

Woodland opportunity mapping

25 Nov 2020

This mapping and analysis show that it is indeed possible to double woodland cover in England and Wales in a way that does not encroach on arable land or protected areas.

How to hold great meetings

05 Nov 2020

Running smooth, productive meetings with an inclusive culture is vital to healthy groups. Have a look at our tips for how to do this.

10 ways to improve your time management

17 Nov 2020

Campaigning for a better, fairer world takes time. For many climate activists, there’s so much to do, but life often gets in the way. Check out these tips to manage your time more effectively.

Green and fair recovery: join allies

15 Sep 2020

Let’s get a green and fair recovery plan on the agenda this autumn. We want groups to get involved with a week of action in October, a renewed push to build allies in the sector and an intensive month of lobbying MPs ahead of the spending review. Read how to join with allies and grow the movement.

Week of action micro-grants

25 Sep 2020

We're happy to provide some small grants to groups taking part in the green and fair recovery week of action 5-11 October 2020.