Why solidarity matters

02 Dec 2022

We often hear the word solidarity, but what is it and why does it matter when it comes to environmental justice campaigning? Read below to find out more.

Plan a great action

02 Dec 2022

Learn how to creative with your campaigning to boost your profile and influence local decision-makers.

Dirty pensions: is your council funding the climate crisis?

07 Nov 2022

Despite over 75% of local councils declaring a climate emergency, billions of pounds are still invested in planet-wrecking projects through local government pension funds.

Action Network: campaign online

31 Oct 2022

A digital campaign platform to support your local campaigning and promote your group.

Create a digital petition

02 Dec 2022

Petitions can be a great way to spread ideas and build support for change. The best petitions follow a simple formula designed to help the reader quickly understand why taking action will make a difference. 

How to organise and host your own Green Jobs Summit

02 Dec 2022

Our handy guide will help you and your group to organise your own Green Jobs Summit.

Fracking in England: FAQs

21 Oct 2022

The government is attempting to revive the fracking industry. Below we debunk fracking as a solution to the energy crisis. We also answer some key questions about the impact of fracking on the countryside, the climate and jobs, as well as the risks it poses to public health and the local environment.

Gender justice and dismantling patriarchy

02 Dec 2022

A look at Friends of the Earth International's position on gender justice and dismantling patriarchy.

Human rights defenders

02 Dec 2022

A look at Friends of the Earth International's work on human rights defenders.

Food sovereignty

02 Dec 2022

A look at the work our groups and Friends of the Earth International do on food sovereignty.