Climate Action groups are the local solution to a global crisis.

It's time to #TakeClimateAction

What we do in the next few years will determine the future of our world. We know the solutions to climate chaos and there's still time to act – just. But we need to work together if we're to convince our government to act.

Climate Action groups are made up of people like you and together they’ll bring about big systemic change.

Join the network and kick-start climate action in your community.

Friends of the Earth supporter at climate protest

General election — time for climate action

With just days until the general election, there's still time to ask prospective parliamentary candidates where they stand on climate breakdown.

Find out which of your local candidates have signed our climate pledge - and how to help make climate an election priority.

Local climate solutions

Thanks to community action, councils around the country have declared a climate emergency. Now what?

We need them to adopt an ambitious Climate Action Plan – and you can help. Discover how some councils are already making great progress, and see what could work for your area.

Stories from the network

Climate Action groups are made up of people just like you. After all, you don’t need a qualification or special skill to be affected by climate chaos. Here, we meet a few of our everyday heroes who are taking climate action in their local area.

Martha: the scientist

21 Oct 2019

In March 2019 a Climate Action group in Merton, London was set up. At its heart is Colombian scientist Martha, who shares her experience so far.

Gerard: the producer

21 Oct 2019

Chairman of the Shoreham society, a Climate Action group based in West Sussex, Gerard reflects on his trip to Botswana which had a big impact on him and played a crucial in his commitment to environmental issues and climate action

Annie: the teacher

12 Nov 2019

Annie has been a Birmingham resident for the last thirty years. She shares news from her local group Footsteps – an interfaith Climate Action group working hard to take climate action.