Challenge your local authority to do more

To beat the climate emergency we need every local authority learning from each other and doing all they can to reduce planet-warming pollutants.

Feast your eyes on these innovative examples of councils doing their bit to help the UK meet its climate targets.

Then use them to encourage your own local authority to do more.

Greater Manchester makes a beeline for more cycling and walking

Greater Manchester wants to tackle obesity, congestion and emissions with 'Beelines' – a new walking and cycling infrastructure.

In this case study you'll learn about its 4 key pillars to success: leadership, well-organised user groups, loads of patience – and money.

Nottingham working with big business to improve public transport

Nottingham has some of the highest public transport use in the UK.

The council charges big business an annual fee called the Workplace Parking Levy (WPL). It then invests all of the proceeds in encouraging people to leave their cars at home – more trams, better train connections and cleaner buses.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough: bright idea on light pollution

The West Midlands council of Solihull is saving carbon, money and the night sky by changing lightbulbs.

Learn how the right choice – and a street-by-street approach – can help make your local area more environmentally friendly.

Cambridgeshire’s drive for more energy security

Cambridgeshire is reducing its impact on global warming and protecting itself from rising energy prices.

In this case study, find out how the council is attracting more renewable energy funding through its project, 'Mobilising Local Energy Investment'.