Challenge your local authority to do more

To beat the climate emergency we need every local authority learning from each other and doing all they can to reduce planet-warming pollutants.

Feast your eyes on these innovative examples of councils doing their bit to help the UK meet its climate targets.

Then use them to encourage your own local authority to do more.

Nottingham Workplace Parking Levy success: improving public transport

17 Oct 2019

Nottingham is tackling congestion and investing in public transport with the support of big business. Learn how your council could do the same.

Greater Manchester: Setting the pace for walking and cycling with "Bee Network" initiative

17 Oct 2019

Greater Manchester wants to tackle obesity, congestion and emissions with the "Bee Network" – a new walking and cycling infrastructure. Manchester councillor Mandie Shilton Godwin shares the four key pillars to success: leadership, well-organised user groups, loads of patience – and money.

What’s the secret behind Cambridgeshire’s local energy drive?

21 Oct 2019

Cambridgeshire is reducing its impact on global warming and protecting itself from rising energy prices. It's a success story that all councils can copy.

Car sharing: how Warwickshire is curbing vehicle emissions

22 Oct 2019

Could your local authority save car journeys and carbon emissions through lift-sharing?

Solihull Metropolitan Borough: saving carbon, money and the night sky by changing lightbulbs

17 Oct 2019

Changing street lights might not sound like the flashiest of endeavours, but Solihull show how the right choice – and a street-by-street approach – can help make an area more environmentally friendly.

York: Bring on the buses to cut pollution

22 Oct 2019

York looks set to be home to one of the biggest fleets of double decker electric buses outside London. Could your local authority take inspiration from York's long-term efforts to cut harmful exhaust emissions?

Leading the charge: energy storage in South Somerset

04 Nov 2019

Forget chicken sheds - here’s the battery farming of the future. A cutting-edge scheme near Taunton is not only helping balance the country’s power supply but South Somerset District Council’s books too.

Bristol's One City Plan to create an urban forest

17 Oct 2019

Bristol plans to double its tree cover and achieve carbon neutrality in the next 30 years – could your council do the same?