Stories from the network

Climate Action groups are made up of people just like you. After all, you don’t need a qualification or special skill to be affected by climate chaos. Here, we meet a few of our everyday heroes who are taking climate action in their local area.

Annie: the teacher

12 Nov 2019

Annie has been a Birmingham resident for the last thirty years. She shares news from her local group Footsteps – an interfaith Climate Action group working hard to take climate action.

Gerard: the producer

21 Oct 2019

Chairman of the Shoreham society, a Climate Action group based in West Sussex, Gerard reflects on his trip to Botswana which had a big impact on him and played a crucial in his commitment to environmental issues and climate action

Martha: the scientist

21 Oct 2019

In March 2019 a Climate Action group in Merton, London was set up. At its heart is Colombian scientist Martha, who shares her experience so far.