Policies and guidance

These policies and guidance documents will help you navigate any data or legal-related concerns you might have.

15 Jul 2019

Data protection

On setting up or joining a Climate Action Group we strongly advise you read the guidance on General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

If, after reading this, you still have questions or concerns please email us at climateaction@foe.co.uk.

Political impartiality

Climate Action Groups are supported by Friends of the Earth – a charity committed to complying with all charity regulation.

We suggest that all Climate Action Groups follow the political impartiality guidance to ensure they comply with the law while continuing to speak out on environmental issues – from stopping fracking to cleaning up our air.

Protest and non-violent direct action

Friends of the Earth supports the right of individuals and organisations to take part in peaceful protest and nonviolent direct action where this is likely to support the achievement of its objectives. However, as a group that works within the courts system, we cannot encourage groups to take illegal action.

Groups using Friends of the Earth or Climate Action branding are required to adhere to Friends of the Earth's policy on protest.


We are currently reviewing our safeguarding guidance and will have it with you shortly.