Downloadable materials

Download materials to use during the Climate Strike.

17 Sep 2019

Sign-up sheet

Use this sign-up sheet to gather people's contact information at events.

Make sure to edit it before printing and to handle people's data according to GDPR guidance.


Use this presentation to explain the Climate Action campaign, whether it's to new members of your group, or at events.

Social media images

Use these images to promote the Climate Strike on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Print and stick on some cardboard to create your own placard to use during the Strike.


Print and hand out these flyers to promote the Climate Strike, Climate Action and any event you're organising.

You'll need to create a free Canva account to access and download these - it's very simple and quick.


Edit, print and put up these posters to promote your Climate Action events.

You'll need to create a free Canva account to access and download these - it's very simple and quick.

Letters to council

Use this template to email your council demanding it take urgent action.

Use this template to email your council asking for parents of school strikers not to be fined.

Press release

Use this template press release to email your local paper and radio stations ahead of the Global Climate Strikes.

A few tips:

  • We would encourage you to personalise the press release as much as possible to increase the chance of It being picked up. For instance, has your council passed a climate emergency motion but now needs to follow through with the action needed?
  • Do add information about your group in the footnotes, it’s also a good place to promote any upcoming events you have planned after the climate strikes.
  • You can usually find contact details for local press in print newspapers themselves or by searching for them on the Internet.
  • Follow individual journalists on social media if you’re struggling to get a reply.
  • Invite local media to the climate strikes. It’ll probably be on their radar, but explicitely inviting them to join you on the Strike is a fantastic opportunity to create or strengthen relationships with local journalists.
  • You can leverage relationships built with journalists ahead of the Climate Strike to secure coverage following it – especially if you have good images.

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