Welcome webinars

Welcome webinars introduce you to the Climate Action movement and provide you with tools and resources to support and develop your local campaign.

Campaigning skills webinars

1. How to get your council to adopt a Climate Action Plan

This three-part course will help you develop a winning strategy, learn how to build power in your community, and influence your local council. Session one will take you through the basics of how your council works. In sessions two and three we’ll delve into the detail of building your campaign strategy and finding the right tactics to influence your local councillors. This training is for Climate Action groups.

2. How to tell if your council's Climate Action Plan is ambitious and robust

Has your council produced, or is in the process of producing, a Climate Action Plan? If so, then join us to find out how you can ensure it's ambitious enough to tackle the climate crisis. Friends of the Earth and the Climate Emergency Network have created a checklist for assessing what makes a good local Climate Action Plan. This webinar will look at how you can use this checklist to push your council to take bold climate action.

3. How to keep your email list interested

Building an email list is a great way to stay in touch with people in your local area who care about the environment. In this webinar we'll look at how to keep the people on your list interested and how to get them actively involved in your group. This training is for local groups and Climate Action groups.

4. Using social media to campaign

Register your interest in a our new social media training course. Aimed at groups who want to grow their social media presence and explore how to measure their impact. We'll look at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and delve into best practice for posting content, paid promotion and analytics. This training is for local groups and Climate Action groups.

5. Engaging a digital audience

Register your interest in our new digital training course. Aimed at groups who already have (or want to build) an email list, or want to use digital petitions and e-actions as part of a campaign. We'll cover best practice, showcase successful examples and help you make your emails and petitions interesting and fun. This training is for local groups and Climate Action groups.

6. Mapping power & influence in your community

To succeed in creating a green and fair recovery and a safe climate we need everyone. Often our movement doesn't reach out to everyone, but right now the majority of people say climate is a major concern. Join this training to learn how to map out and engage with the different demographics and influencers in your community. This training is for local groups and Climate Action groups.

7. Active Hope

This workshop is for activists looking for tools to build resilience and look after your emotional and mental health. It will provide an introduction to Active Hope – a well-being practice designed to help us to find and offer our best response to the crises unfolding in our world. Join us to discover more about these tools and how you can put them into practice in your campaigning.

Climate solutions webinars

1. Getting councils in Wales to net zero

All Welsh councils must submit a zero-carbon plan to Welsh Government by March 2021. Come along to this interactive webinar to find out what you can do to ensure these plans are good enough to secure a greener, fairer future for us all. This webinar is for any groups who are interested in working on this campaign.

2. 2021 Local Elections: How can we get Climate Action on the agenda?

On 6 May 2021 people across England will vote in the elections for their local councillors. It is now more important than ever that local councils take climate action and look at developing green and fair recovery plans from the coronavirus pandemic. Join this call to help shape our local elections campaign strategy and discuss how we can ensure that climate change is on the agenda.