Under normal circumstances we'd be calling on local and national government to urgently adopt Climate Action Plans, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we're pausing our campaigning for the time being.

Politicians and councils are currently under increased pressure, and are rightly prioritising the health and safety of their communities and constituents, so we want to do everything possible to support that priority.

Information on our local and national campaigns is available below, so you can still plan your campaigns within your groups and read up on background information. However please note: we’re not encouraging groups to directly target decision-makers at this time, but instead shift focus towards maintaining community connections online and planning for the future.

Climate Action Plan for Council

Councils up and down the country have declared climate emergencies. But what happens next?  

We need councils to turn their political promises in to concrete action by adopting a climate action plan, and transforming their communities into fairer, more sustainable places for generations to come.

To help get them started, we’ve created a template Climate Action Plan for councils in England and Wales. Find out how you can help get that plan in place.

National action

We're facing a climate and ecological emergency, with species extinction, food shortages, sea-level rises and millions of lives and livelihoods lost.

What we want are communities where children can breathe clean air, warm homes that don’t cost the earth to heat, access to nature wherever we live, better food that’s good for us, and greener jobs for everyone.

For that to happen, we need our government to invest in 6 key areas.

Metro mayors and climate action

A Metro Mayor is the directly elected leader of a Combined Authority. They have powers over sectors that are key to tackling the climate emergency, including transport and housing.

We've created Climate Action Plans for several Combined Authorities. Find out whether yours is one of them, and ask your incumbent Mayor to prioritise the actions in our Climate Action Plan for Metro Mayors.