Green and fair recovery: join allies

Let’s get a green and fair recovery plan on the agenda this autumn. We want groups to get involved with a week of action in October, a renewed push to build allies in the sector and an intensive month of lobbying MPs ahead of the spending review. Read how to join with allies and grow the movement.

15 Sep 2020

Our campaign for a green and fair recovery is very much a "long game" – we’re fighting for big systemic changes. Building relationships with potential allies in and out of the network will be crucial. That’s why we’re encouraging our Climate Action groups to join Build Back Better or The Climate Coalition as part of their plans this autumn. Our aims are aligned with both groups, and participating in either of these will help to build strong links and alliances to take our campaigns forward.

Build Back Better Community Sign on Letter

The Build Back Better coalition is a cross-sector campaign co-ordinated by Green New Deal UK and made up of "teachers, healthcare workers, students and organisations who are fighting for change." It's calling on groups to ask their community to sign a joint letter outlining the demands of the campaign and a way to build back better following the pandemic. The focus is on reaching out to all other groups in the community – unions, faith groups, local business, and community campaign groups. These letters will be handed in to MPs during the 5-11 October week of action. There’s an overview of the community sign on letter and how to get involved on page 9 of the campaign guide (google doc).

The Climate Coalition Question Time Events (England only)

The Climate Coalition (TCC) is made up of over 140 organisations all intent on stopping climate breakdown. They're organising Green Recovery Question Time events in English constituencies at the end of September. The online events will be hosted in a panel discussion format around the issue of jobs, and will feature local MPs, local campaigners and business leaders.

The Climate Coalition have written an action guide to support groups who want to involved with hosting the events. All you need to do is sign up to access the guide and get started.

Helping to put on these events is a great opportunity to work collaboratively with our allies whilst spreading the word about a green recovery.

What else can you do?

You may already have other actions or plans in the pipeline. Perhaps there’s something coming up locally that provides the perfect opportunity to get the recovery plan on the agenda and engage other groups in your community? Please run with whatever you think will work.

We do know that for networks to make change happen together, particularly at the UK level, actions need to contribute to a nationwide narrative. To do this, try to coordinate with the week of action taking place 5-11 October, use the #takeclimateaction hashtag and align with the messaging around a green and fair recovery. This join up and amplification will help make sure we’re more than the sum of our parts.