Get your council to adopt a Climate Action Plan

Thanks to excellent local campaigning, dozens of local authorities – from Cardiff to Carlisle – have passed climate emergency motions.

04 Jun 2019

In fact, over 450 councils covering over 40 million citizens have passed motions across the globe – people power in action.

We want every local authority in the UK to declare a climate emergency and do everything to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Austerity and climate action

We know that many councils want to do more on climate change but can’t because of austerity cuts.

The UK government should give local authorities more money and powers to help build climate-friendly communities – with warm homes, clean air, green jobs and thriving wildlife for all.

But even in challenging times, there is still plenty councils can do.

Climate action motion

Use this list to craft a motion with other local activists or with any friendly local councillors you might know.

Your climate emergency motion could include:

  • A public declaration of a climate emergency

  • Interim targets and an action plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

  • A pledge to disinvest from fossil fuels.

  • An urgent audit of the council’s actions in line with Friends of the Earth's 33 actions local authorities can take on climate change.

  • Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 or as soon as possible.

  • Support for Friends of the Earth’s Climate Action Plan – calling on the UK government to take bold action by 2020 on the climate crisis.

  • A call to UK government to provide the necessary policy changes and funding available.

  • An ethical procurement framework to ensure suppliers reduce their carbon footprint.

  • A Citizen’s Assembly to generate ideas and bring the community with you.

  • A political commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the ambition of the 2008 Climate Change Act carbon budgets, including when these are tightened to match the Paris Agreement.

  • The appointment of a Climate Champion at the Cabinet level, ensuring that the above commitment is integral to all local authority actions and plans. The Climate Champion will produce a publicly available annual report on progress.

  • A carbon reduction pathway and associated strategy – including targets for reducing emissions across the council and integrated into council plans for transport, waste, housing and mineral extraction. Progress should be reported annually.

  • Immediate action to reduce emissions before the publication of the climate reduction pathway.

  • Funds for green initiatives and levies for activities that cause high or unnecessary emissions.