Get started with Slack

We're using Slack to talk to each other about Climate Action. Here's how it works.

16 Jan 2020

Slack is an online messenger platform which you can use to chat within your group, to other Climate Action groups and with us at Friends of the Earth too.

Why Slack?

Using Slack instead of email means we can all talk to each other much more easily. Slack is designed to be more:

Accessible and transparent: It's easy to see what's been already said, even when you're late to join a conversation.

Collaborative and efficient: Making decisions can be quicker and easier.

Organised: You can keep discussions about different projects or ideas in one place.

Customisable: You can control what you see and – more crucially – what you don't see.

Climate Action groups can use Slack to:

  • Get the latest campaign updates;
  • Make connections with other groups;
  • Share your ideas and plans;
  • Find support when you need it.

Groups in Bristol and Newcastle are already using Slack successfully to plan their campaign events and activities, so why not try it out yourself?

How Slack works

We recognise that Slack might feel new or different, so we’ve put together a video to help you get started.

We've also created a written guide (pdf) to accompany the video.

Your conversations on Slack

Conversations on different topics are organised into "channels". So, for example, if a group is organising a film screening then one of the group members may have set up a channel called "#filmscreening".

Whatever your Climate Action group is planning, there will probably already be a channel about it, so make sure you use the search function on Slack to check what already exists. This can help you learn from others' experience, share your own and ask for help.

There are already people from across the country using Slack to discuss topics like:

  • Starting and running a group;
  • Organising a Climate Action event;
  • Working with schools;
  • Issues such as trees, air pollution, plastics and transport.

You can even network across your region, like those using the #southeastclimatenetworking channel. And if there isn't a channel for the topic you're interested in, you can easily create one.

Join Slack

Head to to join Climate Action on Slack.

If you're already a Slack user, search for the workspace