Connect with others on Slack

We're using Slack to talk to each other about Climate Action. Here's how it works.

13 Jul 2020

Slack is an online messenger platform you can use to chat within your group, to other Climate Action groups and with us at Friends of the Earth too.

You can use Slack to:

  • Get the latest campaign updates
  • Make connections with other groups
  • Find support when you need it.

People like you are already using Slack to share ideas about:

  • Starting and running a group
  • Organising a Climate Action event
  • Working with their council
  • A green recovery from coronavirus.

Why Slack?

Using Slack instead of email means we can all talk to each other much more easily. Slack is designed to be more:

Accessible and transparent: It's easy to see what's already been said, even when you're late to join a conversation.

Collaborative and efficient: Making decisions can be quicker and easier.

Organised: You can keep discussions about different projects or ideas in one place.

Customisable: You can control what you see and, crucially, what you don't see.

How Slack works

We recognise that Slack might feel new or different, so we’ve put together a series of short video tutorials to help you get started.

  1. Why Slack?

  2. Sign up to Slack

  3. Using channels

  4. How threads work

  5. Writing a message

  6. Update your Slack profile

  7. Make Slack work for you

We've also written a guide (pdf) to accompany the videos.

Join Slack

Head to to join Climate Action on Slack.

Or, if you're already a Slack user, search for the workspace