Apply for funding

Apply for a grant from the Climate Action fund to support your climate campaign activities and events.

10 May 2022

About the fund

The Climate Action fund provides financial support to Climate Action groups.

It is intended to make a real difference, either by contributing to their campaign aims or by building and developing their group.

Groups may seek a grant to help them organise events, stunts and/or other campaign activities, including council lobbying work. They can also receive funding to access training or support the group's wellbeing.

If you're considering applying for a grant from the fund, please start by reading the FAQ below. It's also a good idea to get in touch with us first to make sure your application is on the right track.

Once you have completed the application form, please email it to us.

Who can apply?

The Climate Action Fund is open to all Climate Action groups who have been registered for a month or longer. This timeframe doesn't apply if you want funding to host a kick-off event.

How often can a group apply?

You can submit separate applications for a total of £800 per financial year (July-June).

What do you need to include in your application?

The application form must be completed in its entirety. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • A clear objective that demonstrates benefits to your campaign against climate chaos.
  • Alternatively, a clear account of how the funded activity will build, develop, or support the wellbeing of your group.
  • An indication of how it will help your campaign reach new and diverse people.
  • A simple timescale and costing for the project.
  • An additional simple evaluation form upon spending an awarded grant.

If information is missing or vague then it is less likely that your group will be awarded a grant.

Can you apply for a grant retrospectively?

Grants must not be applied for retrospectively except in an emergency. When there is an urgent and compelling reason for financial assistance – which could not have been foreseen – we are able to issue grants at short notice.

What happens after you submit your application?

The Climate Action Team will consider your application. We aim to inform you by email of the outcome within two weeks of receiving your application.

How likely are you to receive the grant?

Grants will normally be awarded to help fund standalone campaign activities or training, development, or wellbeing activities. This could include materials, equipment, venue hire, etc.

Grants will not be awarded for everyday group running costs (eg phone bills, internet connection, basic stationary costs), or ongoing funding needs.

Why do you need to fill out an evaluation form?

If your application is successful you will receive a confirmation letter with payment details. Please complete the enclosed evaluation form once your event has passed. There are four reasons for this:

  1. To help you celebrate and learn from your work.
  2. To inform us of the impact of your activities.
  3. To help us give advice to other groups planning similar work.
  4. To inform future applications you make.