Key documents and processes

Find out how to open a bank account or write a group constitution.

01 Sep 2021

Opening a bank account

In order to manage their finances, Climate Action groups are able to open a free Community Direct Plus current account with the Co-operative Bank.

To do so, you'll need the following documents:

  • A completed Community account application form. Please select 'registered charity' under 'organisation type'.
  • A headed and signed letter from Friends of the Earth, which states the names of the account signatories. Please request this from your regional staff contact.
  • A group constitution. You can download and edit this example constitution to create your own if you don’t already have one.

Please post all required documents to the address indicated in the application form.

Providing proof of insurance

All registered Climate Action groups are covered by Friends of the Earth's Public & Products Liability and Employer's Liability insurance policy.

Make sure to read the insurance guidance to check what type of event or activity is covered.

If you need to prove you are covered by our insurance, please use this Public Liability Insurance document.

It's a good idea, and sometimes a requirement, to fill out a risk assessment before any event or activity you're organising. You can adapt this template risk assessment.

Please note, for any in-person activity you'll need to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment and share it with a relevant regional staff member to ensure your group is covered by our insurance. Find out more about insurance coverage during COVID-19.

Writing a group constitution

Set your principles in stone – so that members know what you stand for. You can write your own or adapt this example constitution.