How it works

1 Host an Event

You, or a group of friends, host a kick-off event. This could be anything from a chat in a local café, a meeting in the student union, or a picnic at the park.

The idea is to spark a conversation about climate breakdown and what you can do together to take climate action in your community. We have lots of ideas and tips to help you work out what climate solutions look like near you.

At the event, anyone can volunteer to help organise your climate action group. It doesn’t have to be the person who organised the event and or even just one person.

Please note that due to coronavirus, we are advising against organising offline events. For more information, please read our coronavirus guidance.

2 Register your group

After your event, make sure to register your climate action group.

We’ll put your group on the map so it’s easier for newcomers to find you – the more people you can get involved the more effective your group will be.

We’ll also put you in touch with other Climate Action groups and send you useful tips, tools and resources.

3 Get Started

There are a few different ways your group can make positive changes in the real world. You can focus on one tactic, a combination of two, or all three! It's up to your group to decide what's best.

Convince your council to adopt a Climate Action Plan

The main thing that your group can do is to ask your council to adopt a Climate Action Plan. Many councils have recognised that we have a climate emergency but don’t know what fixing it looks like – these Climate Action Plans can help.

If enough councils agree to them, we can put pressure on the government to take urgent action.

Create local solutions to climate breakdown

6 main areas that require change – transport, power, buildings, agriculture, infrastructure and international justice. It’s up to your group which of these feels like something you can improve where you live.

Pick something you’re passionate about and might appeal to your community – whether that’s planting trees, setting up a community energy scheme, or organising a walking school bus.

Demand change at a national level

Climate action groups will join forces at key moments throughout the year to demand big urgent changes. Once you register your group, you’ll find out more about how this works

4 How we win

The government feels pressure from climate action groups and the wider environmental movement and adopts a national climate action plan as a matter of urgency. That’s the end goal. 

And it starts with you, or a group of friends, hosting a kick-off event.