Elections 2021

Have a say in your community's future

From floods in Manchester to cyclones in Mozambique, the climate emergency is a global problem. But we believe solutions can be found in our local communities.

This May, a series of elections are taking place across England and Wales.

Key issues that directly impact your everyday life, such as the air quality in your neighbourhood and access to good quality green space nearby, will be determined by how people vote. Yet despite their importance, polls show 70% of the public don't vote on who leads their community.

We're asking Climate Action groups to mobilise their communities, interrogate their electoral candidates and ensure climate action is embedded in the local political agenda for years to come.

If you're not sure which elections are happening near you, visit Democracy Club's online tool and type in your postcode to find out. If you already know, select from the choices below to discover what you can do to help influence your community's future.

Council elections

Council elections are set to be bigger than ever this May, with the direct election of thousands of local councillors in over 150 local authorities.

It's a great opportunity for voters and local groups to ensure their future local representatives take climate action seriously.

From tackling air pollution, to improving public transport and creating more green space – your councillors have the power to deliver initiatives that will not only help local people, but also play a part in tackling this global crisis.

Metro mayor elections

Metro mayors are part of the government's devolution agenda, and play a central role in providing a vision for their region.

Almost 12 million people across eight English regions have a metro mayor, meaning elections this May will directly impact a significant percentage of the population.

We've created tailored Climate Action Plans for each metro mayoral region. Whether you're part of a Climate Action group or an interested constituent, use the plan to lobby candidates on climate in the run up to the elections.

Senedd election

The Senedd (Welsh Parliament) is responsible for the vast majority of policies and legislation relating to climate.

The May 2021 Senedd elections will set the course of climate action in Wales for the next 5 years, with all 60 members up for election. This makes it an important moment for every supporter and activist in Wales.