Your guide to the Glasgow climate talks

Welcome to the COP hub

In November 2021, global leaders will descend on Scotland for the Glasgow climate talks (also called COP26). We know from experience that the talks are often lacking in ambition or action. We need more than polished speeches if we're going to solve the crisis.

Which is where you come in. The talks are a key opportunity for the climate movement to come together, demand justice for those most affected by the crisis and hold leaders to account. How? By raising awareness in our communities, highlighting the solutions necessary and making sure our voices are heard, online and offline.

The ongoing pandemic means we'll need to be flexible. But one thing's for sure: this is our opportunity to push for bolder, fairer solutions to the crises we face.  

Over the coming weeks, we'll be sending you links to register for a host of training and webinars. We've also put together some guidance (see below) to help you get involved in the flagship Global Day of Action, as well as additional actions you can take. Do pop us a message using the feedback button if there's something you can't find. Now let's get mobilising...  

Social media during COP26

Social media will be a key campaign tool during the climate talks as it allows us to speak directly to decision-makers and engage our communities around important topics like justice and climate solutions.

To help your group maximise its impact at every stage, we've included social media tips and guidance in all our COP guidance. You can also read our beginners guide to social media which includes advice on recruiting a social media volunteer, as well as a special section on the climate talks.

Opportunities between now and COP

In order to have as much impact as possible come November, we need to start ramping up the pressure and getting the word out in the months before. We should also use this time to learn about climate justice,  join the dots with struggles in the Global South and build strong relationships with other networks. There’s plenty to get involved with. 

September: Great Big Green Week

The Climate Coalition are organising Great Big Green Week from 18 to 26 September. Events and activities will be happening all over the country run by different communities, and the organisers are calling on groups to help put these events on. Find out more on the Great Big Green Week webpage, get in touch with the Climate Coalition through the website for any questions around how to get involved, and let us know what you’re planning so we can help promote your event. If you’re lobbying your MP as part of the week, read our handy Guide to Lobbying your MP.

Great Big Green Week logo

October: pre-COP gathering

We’ll be hosting an online gathering for activists in the network from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland on Saturday 2 October to discuss what you're planning for COP, find out what’s working well for others and meet allies north of the border. Excitingly, we’ll take action together online, there and then. Testing out some great ideas from our allies, we hope to work together to draw attention to some big issues around North Sea oil and gas.

North sea with oil and gas rig

Resources for COP

We’ll be adding resources and social media templates to the list below to support you ahead of the climate talks, so keep checking back. Webinars and events, including COP social media training and a session with campaigners from the Global South, will be added to the training page once ready. We'll email you when registration opens.

Push government to do more at COP26: lobby your MP

16 Sep 2021

In November, the UK will host the Glasgow climate talks – COP26. This is a huge opportunity to push the government on their climate ambition and to meet their international responsibilities. Read this guide to find out how to lobby your MP and push the government harder in the lead up to COP26. 

4 cases that threaten the UK's climate reputation

16 Sep 2021External link

The UK is set to host the UN climate talks (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021. But while the UK government claims to be a climate leader, it's currently involved in 4 cases that may worsen climate breakdown. Read about the cases.

Building local alliances

01 Sep 2021

In this guide we'll explain how to find potential allies to work with on your campaigns, and tips and tools for how to go about building those relationships. Our campaigning will be stronger and more impactful the more we collaborate. Big wins come when diverse groups of people come together to build power.

How to get media coverage

01 Sep 2021

Media outlets like local radio stations, television and newspapers can be an incredibly powerful tool to help spread the word about your campaign goals and successes, and even influence decision makers. Find out how to use the media to promote campaigns, handle requests from journalists, and become an effective spokesperson.

A beginner's guide to social media

16 Sep 2021

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be a powerful tool for campaigning. Here are some guidelines on using these platforms to help boost your campaigns and grow your follower base, as well as tips on how to use social media for the COP26 campaign.

Training and events

15 Sep 2021

We hold regular online workshops so you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to take climate action.