Promote your event with Action Network

Congratulations! You’re ready to host your Climate Action event. Here’s how to set it up on Action Network.

25 Feb 2020

If you get stuck get in touch on

Prefer to watch how it's done? Check out the video version of this page.

Step 1: Head to the Take Climate Action page on Action Network and you'll see this

Step 2: To host an event of your own click on... get started. Read through the host guidelines carefully.

Adding content to your event

Step 3: Fill in all the fields on this page; each field has a ? next to it, explaining what it does. You’ll find advice in the Event description field, including a link to things like a template agenda and tips on how to run your event. Think about how you can engage people and persuade them to come along.

Try bolding some key words or phrases to help people scan the page and quickly understand what the event is about.

Step 4: Sponsored by field. If you're already using Action Network through our set up, select the name of your group from the drop-down menu.

Sponsored by field

Step 5: The 'goal slider' shows people how many tickets are available and can be switched on/off at any time.

Goal slider
Goal slider

Step 6: At the bottom you can set a limit to the number of places at your event if you need to.

Booking limit

Step 7: We suggest you change the wording on the 'Send RSVP' button...


to something more active e.g.

Book my place Book my place

If you want to customise the form and add anything else, this video explains how.

Saving your event

You’re just a few steps away from finishing your Climate Action event.

Step 8: If you have an Action Network account, look for:

Have an account Have an account

Otherwise, select:

Save action and create account Save action and create account

You’ll be prompted to create one through a form which looks like this:

If you’d like to know more about how we’re working with Action Network on the Climate Action campaign, get in touch on

Finishing touches

You should now back at your event.

Step 9: Click on to go to the final stage.

Save and go to next step Save and go to next step

Here you can use this box to leave instructions for people who book for your event.

Instructions for attendees Instructions for attendees

They’ll also get two reminder emails – one right after they book, another 24 hours before the event takes place.

Step 10: Finish by clicking on:

Save and publish Save and publish

and your Climate Action event will appear on our map.

Climate Action