Step 1 - Hold a Climate Action event

A great first step to getting involved in the Climate Action movement is to organise an event in your area to kick-start community action.

This is a chance to bring people together who are concerned about climate change and provide a space to discuss the problem, explore the solutions, and talk about what you can all do together to take climate action in your community.

We have suggested agendas and guidelines and can help you with promotion.

Check out our guide to holding your first Climate Action event.

Step 2 - Promote your event

You'll want to get your event up on the Climate Action map to ensure you reach as many people as possible.

Once you've done that, we'll also be sure to spread the word about your event.

Put your Climate Action event on the map.

Not sure how? Read our handy guide.

Step 3 - Register your Climate Action group

You've held your event, brought together people in your area who are ready to take climate action and discussed what you could do locally to tackle the climate emergency?

Sounds like you're a Climate Action group! Make sure to register your group to make things official.

We'll send you useful tips, tools and resources to support your campaigning.

Register your group