About #Takeclimateaction

The crisis we face

We're living in a world where extreme weather and natural devastation has become the new normal. But the answer isn’t in hoping that technology will make the problem go away.

The answer lies with us. Climate breakdown is a global problem, but it can have solutions that are closer to home.

Let’s create a social tipping point before we reach a climate one.

How we stop it

Already, communities around the UK are taking the lead where our government isn’t – from schoolchildren going on strike to councils declaring climate emergencies. The issue of climate change is more than ever on the agenda.

And we know how to stop it. Plant more trees, stop generating electricity from dirty fuels, oppose airport expansion and invest in public transport. Those are just a few science-based solutions.

Take climate action

We can’t wait any longer for our government to adopt these measures – that's where climate action groups come in. Made up of people like you, they’ll bring about big systemic change.

By transforming our local area to build the future we need and demanding urgent climate action from decision-makers, we’ll be part of a movement so powerful that our leaders will be forced to act.

Join the network

Climate Action groups are part of a large network supported with plenty of expertise, training, resources and lobbying power.

Together we can boost the impact of every local win. We can look to each other for inspiration. We can find strength in numbers to push for big national change.